About us

Africa Islamic Fintech Hub is a platform for accelerating innovation in Islamic finance industry in Africa through Financial Technology, capital mobilization and collaboration with the objective of positioning Islamic finance as an instrument of financial inclusion, poverty alleviation and economic development in Africa.


Advisory Board
Sharia Comitee
Executive Board
IFIP Islamic Fintech Investors Plateform
Islamic Fintech Consultative Group

Our Mission

«Making Islamic fintech work for financial inclusion poverty alleviation and economic development in Africa»

Our Objectives

  • Create an ecosystem that accelerates innovation in Islamic fintech solutions in Africa.
  • Promote Islamic Fintech in order to contribute to the development of Islamic finance industry in Africa.
  • Support Islamic Finance Institutions in developing cutting hedge Islamic Fintech products.
  • Create collaboration and opportunities for different stakeholders by bringing expertise and knowledge together from inside Africa and from over the world.
  • Build strong Islamic digital economy community in Africa for the development of the industry through financial technology, Talent development and ventures.

Our Approach

How we bring change?

  • Collaboration not Isolation
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Human capital development
  • Anticipating Africa Future
  • Capital Mobilization

Join us


  • Incubate 30 Start UP in the next three years.
  • Raise 100 Millions dollars for innovative Fintechs.
  • Build a Seed and Pre Seed funds for Fintechs with large impact on financial inclusion and SDGs.