Fintech Investors

As part of our strategy, We are building a Network of Investors interested in ethical investments through our Platform(IFIP Islamic Fintech Investors Plateform).

What we do


IFIP fund Fintechs directly through investment or coinvestment or indirectly by engaging VC, public investment, crouwdfunding and Angel Investment.


IFIP create a framework of exchange and business partnership between investors from all over the world and the holders of innovative projects in the field of fintech in Africa.


IFIP ensure that investments are ethically oriented with focus on projects with positive impacts on financial inclusion, SDG, women empowerment, poverty alleviation.


The implementation of the IFIP platform generate benefits for investors and start-ups alike. Thus the IFIP enable:

  • Investors to have opportunity to finance innovative and highly profitable projects
  • Investors wishing to finance projects that comply with Islamic law, to benefit from a range of Sharia-compliant projects
  • Start-ups to have easy access to financing
  • Start-ups to create business partnerships with potential investors.